Weekends in Wilmy: A Vacation with My Mom & Sister

Weekends in Wilmy: A Vacation with My Mom & Sister

Last week my sister and mom flew in for a much needed vacation! We haven’t seen them since before the pandemic (aside from a funeral last month), and we couldn’t wait to show my mom around Wilmy for the first time!

Day 1: Fort Fisher Aquarium and an evening walk on the beach

The beach is obviously a big must when you come to Wilmington, but another favorite of ours is the Fort Fisher Aquarium! We’ve been several times and it’s one of our favorite attractions in the area. We even got to pet a sea turtle during this trip!

Day 2: Shopping & Slice of Life for Dinner

Wilmington has several malls and shopping centers, and tons of small businesses. On day two we took a trip to Mayfaire for some book shopping. We also stopped by World Market before leaving! We grabbed pizza and nachos from Slice of Life for dinner. The vegan pizza and the steak nachos are the bomb by the way! Slice is one of my favorite places to eat here!

Day 3: Beach Day

Sunscreen. Snacks. Sun. Sand. Sea… Need I say more?!

Day 4: Downtown Wilmington

If you’re ever in the area Downtown Wilmington is a MUST! From the Riverwalk to tons of locally owned shops and eateries, you won’t run out of things to do! Two of my favorite places downtown are the bookstores: Old Books on Front Street and Papercut Books. Both are a mix of new and pre-owned books, and they’re both so fun! I could spend hours in both of these bookstores. Downtown also has coffee shops, a candle store, a Christmas shop, tons of unique small businesses, and so much more. I would recommend dedicating an entire day to exploring downtown!

Have you ever been to Wilmington? Stay tuned for more posts about our beautiful coastal NC home!