My Book Rating System

My Book Rating System

If I’ve learned anything from reading reviews, spending time on Goodreads, and watching Booktube, it’s that everyone rates books in a different way. So, I wanted to create a guide to help you better understand how I rate my books! Let me know how you rate your reads in the comments below!

my book rating system

5 Stars

These are top-tier books for me! Any book I absolutely couldn’t put down, a book that’s a new favorite, or books I literally cannot stop talking about!

4 Stars

4 star ratings are my most common ratings on Goodreads, Storygraph, etc. These are books that I thoroughly enjoyed, but didn’t have that extra little thing to push it to a 5 star. I would recommend most of my 4 star reads to anyone!

3 Stars

These are books that I enjoyed for the most part, but there was something keeping it from being a 4 star (writing style wasn’t my favorite, it failed to keep my attention throughout the entire book, the plot lacked something, I saw every twist coming, etc.).

2 Stars

These are books that I finished, but had a lot of trouble getting through for one reason or another.

1 Star

DNF. If a book is a 1 star read for me, I usually DNF it. I have way too many books on my current TBR to spend my time reading something that could possibly put me in a reading slump.