Asked Questions

What inspired you to create Hope on the Coast?

Hope on the Coast was born from my love of living a quiet, coastal, and cozy lifestyle! I’m a true homebody at heart so I thrive in a cozy and quiet environment. Here on the blog, I’ll be sharing content about all of the things I love: books, seasonal living, self-care, all things cozy, and everything about being a homebody.

What is seasonal living?

To me, seasonal living means embracing and enjoying the season you’re currently in to the fullest! Whether it’s enjoying seasonal foods, buying new home decor, burning seasonal candles, or having a cozy movie night, I enjoy celebrating each holiday and season in every way possible!

How do we work with you?

I’m so excited you’re interested in a collaboration! Please visit the Work With Me page to learn more about types of collaborations and sponsorships, and how to get in contact with me!

Can I send you an email?

Of course! You can send an email to hopeonthecoast@gmail.com!

What equipment do you use?

I use a wide variety of equipment for blogging! For my photos, I use my iPhone 12 Pro Max and my Sony NEX-5TL camera. As for my computers, I have a custom-built PC with two monitors, and I also use an MSI laptop.

Do you accept guest posts?

At this time I do not accept guests posts.

Do you shoot all of the photos used on your blog?

My photos are a mix of things I have taken and stock photos. I occasionally use a photographer as well, and those photos will always be credited.

Do you review products on your blog?

 I do not do dedicated product review posts fore everything sent to me (unless it is a sponsorship type post). However, I do share any PR product favorites on social media and in several types of posts (favorites, current reads, seasonal must-haves, hauls, shop posts, etc.). If you’re interested in sending PR or have questions please email me at hopeonthecoast@gmail.com!