2021 Planner Lineup

2021 Planner Lineup

Hi friends! Today I’m back with my 2021 planner lineup video! I’ll be sharing my catchall planner, work planner, social media planner, and more! Click the video below to check it out!

LINKS & LOVES | 12.20.20

LINKS & LOVES | 12.20.20

How is it almost Christmas? I feel like this year went slow and super fast at the same time.

How are you guys doing? Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? I have! I’m just waiting on a a few things to arrive that are still on their way here. I’ll be working Monday-Thursday and then I’ll have a four day weekend and I’m so excited!

Loves & Links

My husband bought me the mug in the photo last year and I use it ALL THE TIME! I’m currently using it and drinking some coffee from my Nespresso machinge. Best at-home coffee I’ve ever had!

I’m pretty behind, but I’m still building my 2021 planner lineup! So far I’ve added a budget planner, a new recipe planner, a classic vertical and classic dashboard planner, and a mini frankenplanner! Once I finalize my lineup I’ll film a video!

This new planner zip folio is still on my wish list!

I’ve been meal planning recently with my Bloom Daily Planners weekly meal planning pad and grocery shopping list pad. They’re both magnetic and hang right on the refrigerator.

These Corkcicle canteens with the vinyl decal stickers are super cute! I’ll be purchasing one soon. I’m thinking Beauty and the Beast or this Mickey and Minnie Mouse set.

Hello 27!

Hello 27!

Wow… How on earth am I already 27?! I honestly still feel like I’m 19 and still trying to figure things out (haha)! Year 26 brought so many great things: 2 years of marriage/7 years together with my hubs, a full year at my job, a year for us in Wilmington, and more. I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

To start off year 27, I’m sharing 27 random things about me! I hope you guys have a great start to your week!

27 Random Things About Me

  1. I’ve known my husband since middle school and we’ve been together since I was 18! We got married on our 5th dating anniversary back in 2017.
  2. I’m way too obsessed with my planners. I currently use a Bloom Daily Planners Vision Planner, a monthly Classic Happy Planner, and a frankenplanned Mini Happy Planner for on the go!
  3. I’m an Enneagram 9w6.
  4. I was born and raised in a small town in Eastern Kentucky and moved to Wilmington, NC in 2018. Wilmington is truly my happy place!
  5. I went partially dairy-free almost a year ago. I still eat cheese and things with dairy in the ingredients, but I cut out all dairy ice cream, yogurt, coffee creamer, and milk and it has done wonders for my skin!
  6. I listen to Podcasts every day! Stay tuned for a list of my favorites.
  7. My favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland.
  8. I’ve had my hair super long several times in my life. Like, to my butt. I’ve been donated my hair twice over the past several years!
  9. I’m a full-blown obsessed dog mom. We currently have two fur babies (a Chihuahua and a Staffy mix) and we plan to adopt more dogs once we buy a house in the future.
  10. We’re a total Jeep family. We currently have a Jeep Liberty Sport and a Jeep Compass Trailhawk.
  11. I love to read! You can find my current favorite books here.
  12. I’m ALWAYS cold. I keep a blanket at work year-round just in case I get chilly throughout the day.
  13. I’ve always wanted a tiny home or an RV to travel in. I finally got my husband on board with the idea!
  14. A slow Sunday is one of my favorite things in the world. Nothing is better than waking up without an alarm, cuddling with the pups, sitting in my rocking chair with my coffee and a good book.
  15. I’m a total homebody. I love getting out and exploring, but I’m never out past 7 pm (haha)!
  16. I love flowers! And anything in a floral pattern!
  17. My go-to outfits for every day are a dress with tights, a skirt and top with tights, leggings and a tank top and cardigan, or jeans and a t-shirt.
  18. Lip products are my favorite out of everything! It makes changing your makeup look super easy.
  19. Some of my favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Hart of Dixie.
  20. I only drink water and coffee on a daily basis! Occasionally I’ll have a LaCroix or sweet tea, but it doesn’t happen very often.
  21. I always have a lip balm with me!
  22. Pizza, pasta, and nachos (specifically Slice of Life steak nachos) are my favorite foods!
  23. I love shopping small. I try to support small businesses anytime I can (especially in times like this).
  24. I love to snack. We always have tons of different snacks at home and I keep a stash at work as well.
  25. I’m a huge sports lover! I spend the entire weekend on the couch with game-day snacks during football season.
  26. Summer and fall are my favorite seasons.
  27. I’m a pen hoarder! I currently have an entire drawer of pens in my desk. My favorites are Paper Mate Ink Joys and Flairs, Staedtler Triplus Fineliners, Pilot G2’s, and Frixion Clicker Erasable pens! I also love a good gel pen and highlighter.

Here’s to 27!

Love, Hope

Wilmington Restaurants & Bakeries Offering Delivery, Takeout, & Curbside Pickup During COVID-19

Wilmington Restaurants & Bakeries Offering Delivery, Takeout, & Curbside Pickup During COVID-19

Photos: Pink Baking Co. & Copper Penny

Many local restaurants, bakeries, and bars have now closed their dining rooms or are prepping to do so if they decide to do so. In light of this, they are now offering delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup options. Please consider helping our local restaurants and bakeries by ordering delivery, placing an order for curbside pickup, grabbing takeout, or even buying a gift card!

If your restaurant is offering delivery, takeout, curbside pick up, etc. please email hopeonthecoast@gmail.com to be included in this blog post!

Delivery, Takeout, & Curbside Pickup

  • Adapt Kitchen & Juice Bar: They have removed all seating inside and will have delivery options soon! Grab some take out by calling ahead or ordering from Chow Now.
  • Blue Surf Cafe: Delivery is now available through Chow Now! Start your order online at bluesurfcafe.com or text BSURF to 33733.
  • Italian Bistro: Delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup. They are also offering family packs of catering trays that serve 8-10 people (including salads and desserts). Order online or call (910) 686-7774.

Downtown Wilmington

Coffee Shops

  • 24 South Coffee: They are doing takeout only and they ask that you pay with card, no cash!
  • Clean Juice Mayfaire & Cape Fear: The Mayfaire location is offering curbside pickup. Just place a mobile order, write curbside in the special instructions, and call them at (910) 239-9102 when you arrive. The Cape Fear location will now be offering delivery.
  • Downtown Nutrition ILM: Takeout and curbside pickup. Give them a call at (910) 399-4766 to place your order, or message them on social media!
  • Java Dog Coffee House: To-go orders only.
  • Luna Caffe: Take out orders only. Call (910) 232-2533 to place your order and pay over the phone, and they will bring your order out to you. Their menu is on our website.


  • Copper Penny: Curbside pickup! Call (910) 762-1373 to place your order. They currently have a limited menu.
  • Front Street Brewery: They’re offering curbside pickup. Call and place your order at (910) 251-1935 and press 1. Their full menu is available.
  • Hell’s Kitchen: Curbside pickup! Orders may be placed over the phone at (910) 763-4133 or online (preferred method!). Credit card only for online and call-in orders.
  • Jester’s Cafe: Take out only. Call (910) 763-6555 to order during business hours.


  • Love, Lydia Bakery & Cafe: They are doing takeout and curbside pickup only! Their full menu will be available. Call (910) 769-9179 to place your order. Online ordering will be available soon.
  • Noonie Doodle Sweets & Treats: They have Easter candy, chocolates, and bulk candies! Take 15% OFF with Code “GIVEMESPACE” at checkout.

Mayfaire & The Forum

Coffee Shops

  • Drift Coffee & Kitchen: Both shops now offer online ordering with curbside delivery. Just select the location of your pickup, select your items, and add “curbside delivery” with your car model/color. Then give them a call when you arrive and they’ll run it out to you! They also offer delivery through Door Dash and Uber Eats.
  • Clean Juice: Takeout and delivery. Operating under limited hours.


  • Bento Box: They will be doing carry out & to-go orders only with adjusted operating hours from 11:30am to 2:30pm and 5pm to 8pm.
  • Brunches: Delivery and curbside pickup 8am-8pm. Limited menu. Stay tuned for more details. To Order: Call: 910-679-4075, Text: 910-777-4181, Email: brunchesdelivery@gmail.com, or order online here.
  • Chicken Salad Chick: Takeout and curbside pickup. Call or order online!
  • K Bueno: Takeout and curbside pickup. They are offering their regular menu and a new family-style menu at all locations.
  • True Blue Butcher & Table: They will offer curbside pickup for all menu periods and butcher shop orders. Call (910) 208-6242 to place your order or order online.


  • Apple Annie’s Bake Shop: Curbside pickup. They are dedicating 9am-10am to their customers 65 and older. Call (910) 799-9023 for the Kerr Ave location and (910) 256-6585 for The Forum location.

Wrightsville Beach Area

  • Famous Toastery: Starting 3/16/20 they will offer curbside pickup breakfast, brunch, and lunch items 7 days a week. Call (910) 256-7030 to place your order.
  • Poe’s Tavern: They will be offering curbside pickup and to-go options!
  • The Workshop Wrightsville Beach: To-go orders only. Walk-in orders accepted, however, call ahead orders are preferred.


  • Pink Baking Co.: Starting 3/17/20 they will offer FREE delivery to the Wilmington area! Call (910) 343-4727 or email pinkbakingco@gmail.com to place your order.

Shipping Options

  • Noonie Doodle Sweets & Treats: They have Easter candy, chocolates, and bulk candies! Take 15% OFF with Code “GIVEMESPACE” at checkout.
  • Port City Java: Order bags of Port City Java coffee on their website! You can also purchase their shirts and mugs on their website as well.

Coffee Shops

  • 24 South Coffee: They are doing takeout only and they ask that you pay with card, no cash!
  • Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters: They will be offering to-go services only. Visit their website and click “Order Ahead” to place your order and pay before you get there!
  • Drift Coffee & Kitchen: Both shops now offer online ordering with curbside delivery. Just select the location of your pickup, select your items, and add “curbside delivery” with your car model/color. Then give them a call when you arrive and they’ll run it out to you! They also offer delivery through Door Dash and Uber Eats.
  • Port City Java: They are limiting their services to take out and drive-thru only.
  • Social Coffee + Supply Co.: They are doing to-go orders only!


  • Flying Machine Brewing Company: Delivery between 10am and 1pm & curbside pickup.  Payments must be taken over the phone by credit card. The beer will be delivered the same day for all orders made before 1pm. A valid ID from the same person who made the order must be presented to the driver. Delivery minimum: $50. Free delivery to 28403, 28401, 28405. $5 delivery charge to 28409, 28411, 28412, 28480, 28428, 28451.
  • Watermans Brewing: They are offering curbside pick up on lunch specials, their full menu, & growlers of beer! Call (919) 839-3103 to place your order.
How to Support Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Support Small Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Within the last 3 days all pro and college sports have shut down all activities, schools are closing, many have canceled travel plans, and even Disney shut its doors. The current pandemic is serious and we’re all doing everything we can to stay prepared and take precaution.

That being said, small businesses still need your support in times like this. Honestly more than usual. So many small businesses are adapting in several ways to help make shopping with them and eating at their restaurants easy during this time. From keeping everything sanitized to adding deliver service, they’re doing so much to make sure you feel safe when shopping with them!

Here are a few ways you can support small and local businesses during this time:

  • Shop online and have the items delivered right to your door
  • Buy a gift card to use at a later date (or buy a few to give to friends and family)
  • Ask the business if they deliver (many that normally do not deliver are during this time)
  • See if they’ll do a curbside pickup (tons of bakeries and restaurants are doing this in Wilmington!)
  • Go pay them a visit if you are 100% healthy and comfortable with doing so – They’ll share their sanitizer and do all they can to keep everything clean while you’re there, I promise!
  • Purchase groceries at your local farmers market, produce stand, or locally-owned grocery store
  • Share your favorite local places with friends and family
  • Get active on their social media by leaving a comment, liking, or sharing to your stories
  • Leave a nice review on their Facebook page, website, or on Google
  • Subscribe to their mailing list
  • Snap a photo and share it to your Instagram or Facebook
  • Tip more than usual if you can
  • Donate to local charities so they can help those in need of food, etc.

Remember to check up on family, friends, and those who are older to make sure they have everything they need during this time and help in any way you can!

Stay safe and healthy friends!

*A few of these ideas were taking from Southern Style and Gathered Living‘s Instagrams.*